When your child wishes she were deaf

It never fails, it seems.  Thunderstorms come right at bedtime.

As I tucked my youngest into bed, her eyes widened.  “Is that THUNDER?!”

Oh no, please don’t let it be thunder.  It’s February for crying out loud.  And it’s also way past her bedtime.  No thunder, please!

“No, I don’t think that can be thunder.  It’s early February, and it’s not supposed to thunderstorm.”

But one look at my very hearing daughter and I knew otherwise.

“It IS thunder, Mom!  And I just saw lightning!”


“Well, it probably won’t last long.  You know thunder can’t hurt you–it’s just noise. Let’s try to get some sleep.  It’s late.”

(And the thunder gods laughed and laughed.)

“I wish I was deaf!  I don’t want to hear the thunder.  Sometimes I wish I was deaf!” Annie declared.

I smiled.  Deafness surely can be bliss!

“Can I sleep in Katie’s room?” Annie whimpered.

“Sure, I guess so,” Katie answered.

So, off to Katie’s room we went to prepare a bed on the floor for the now happy camper.

If you can’t become deaf sometimes to block out the thunder, then having a nice big sis is the next best thing.



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