Owl-fully Fun

Dissecting owl pellets at co-op?

Yes, please!

Well, maybe not with quite so much enthusiasm…


The pellets were dark in color and resembled droppings more than “coughings.”  Though after a while, the pellets did smell like poop.  (But in a room full of kids right after lunchtime, that smell could very well have been due to human flatulence.)

Smell aside, it was very cool to find bones, claws and teeth.

Yum.  Kinda makes you glad you’re not an owl, doesn’t it?


And check out the buck teeth on this little guy!


Too bad his 15 minutes of fame came after death.


When your child wishes she were deaf

It never fails, it seems.  Thunderstorms come right at bedtime.

As I tucked my youngest into bed, her eyes widened.  “Is that THUNDER?!”

Oh no, please don’t let it be thunder.  It’s February for crying out loud.  And it’s also way past her bedtime.  No thunder, please!

“No, I don’t think that can be thunder.  It’s early February, and it’s not supposed to thunderstorm.”

But one look at my very hearing daughter and I knew otherwise.

“It IS thunder, Mom!  And I just saw lightning!”


“Well, it probably won’t last long.  You know thunder can’t hurt you–it’s just noise. Let’s try to get some sleep.  It’s late.”

(And the thunder gods laughed and laughed.)

“I wish I was deaf!  I don’t want to hear the thunder.  Sometimes I wish I was deaf!” Annie declared.

I smiled.  Deafness surely can be bliss!

“Can I sleep in Katie’s room?” Annie whimpered.

“Sure, I guess so,” Katie answered.

So, off to Katie’s room we went to prepare a bed on the floor for the now happy camper.

If you can’t become deaf sometimes to block out the thunder, then having a nice big sis is the next best thing.


And the winner is…

Yesterday was a winning day for the girls and their dad.

The girls’ artwork placed first and second in the local homeschool art show.

It’s always fun to see their artwork on display!

It’s equally fun to see their dad on display too…

Thanks to last night’s raffle fundraiser for the girls’ dance organization, Mike won a dance basket complete with tights and a neon green tank with dazzling matching shorts.

A winning day all around!

How to Sled with a Cat

Step One:  Find a cute kid on a sled.


Step Two:  Have the cute kid’s cute sister get the unsuspecting family cat.


Step Three:  Have the cute kid and the still unsuspecting cat pose for a picture.


Step Four:  Have big sis place cat on lil sister’s lap.


Step 5:  Give the now suspecting cat a squeeze hug.


Step 6:  Keep hugging the squirming cat.


Step 7:  Flash a winning smile before descending down the hill with defeated cat.


Step 8:  (Cat looks down at the snow and realizes what may be happening but remains surprisingly calm.)


Step 9:  Wheeeee!  (or not…)


Step 10:  Let go of cat.


Step 11:  See cat run.


Step 12:  See cat keep running.


Run, cat, run.IMG_1956

Step 13:  Watch and laugh.IMG_1957

Step 14:  Snuggle with cat inside warm home.IMG_1912

(No animals were harmed in the making of this documentary.)

Celebrating Hanukkah and 40+ Years

As always, Hanukkah at Gramma and Grampa Kalling’s home was lovely–and delicious!   Gramma and I had fun making (and sampling!) the latkes before everyone else arrived.


Love this neat gift from my mom to my mother-in-law!


Gramma Kalling did beautifully with the decorations and table settings.

After we enjoyed a wonderful meal of brisket, chicken and latkes, it was time to celebrate some December birthdays (with awesome cakes made by my sister Sara!  Mine was the chocolate one because it obviously had my name on it with the holly sprinkles.  But I was a good girl and shared anyway).


 My sis Amy with her water color cat painted by our talented Mom!


I’m not much of a crier (though turning 40 can be scary!), but I had tears when I opened this gift put together by my hubby and sis Sara–and found pictures and sweet letters from family and friends inside!


Turning 40 isn’t so bad when you have wonderful family and friends in your life!  (And also when you’re not turning 50 yet!)

(My birthday card from sis Amy–with love, of course)

Here’s to the next decade–filled with life, love and laughter!!


Roses in December

It’s probably safe to say that a white Christmas won’t be happening this year with recent temps in the 60s.

As the saying goes, we can choose to see thorns among roses or to look for roses among thorns.


These ‘lil yellow beauties have been in bloom all December.


And then this morning on Christmas Eve, this new little red fella joined them.


Merry Christmas!

May your life contain roses among thorns.

The Spirit of Christmas


The girls danced their hearts out this past weekend at The Spirit of Christmas show put on by Positively Dance.  With three months and over 40 hours of rehearsal in the last week leading up to the show, it was wonderful to see their hard work pay off on stage!


Katie in her Hot Chocolate outfit
“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”  (Annie’s favorite dance costume)
Katie as a burglar in Home Alone 🙂
“Walking in the Air”
Trepak–where Katie enjoyed being lifted into the air!


“Deck the Rooftop” complete with light-up headbands 🙂
“I feel like Robin Hood!” — Annie, in her elf costume for “We Need a Little Christmas” 🙂



Sisters dressed for “O Holy Night” and “Believe”
The entire troupe beautifully signed the words to O Holy Night.

Before the dancers took the stage for the show, their director Miss Kathy led them all in prayer. (LOVE this picture!) 


A big thank you to the family and friends who came to support the girls 🙂

…until next time, folks!