(Bet that title got your attention.)

But first things first…here’s my new blog make-over!

I had fun experimenting with different layouts and fonts (thanks to my friend Joy at Smiling’s My Favorite http://dawsongregory.blogspot.com/ who demanded kindly suggested that I update my blog).

It was especially amusing trying out different fonts–the first of which was called Abril Fatface. I’m not sure whether to be amused or offended (I do have chubby cheeks after all).

I’d sure like to know the story behind the naming of that font Abril Fatface and perhaps meet the disgruntled font namer.

But if that meeting were to happen, I’d better be sure to suck in my cheeks first.

Or maybe puff them out instead.



2 thoughts on “Fatface

  1. LOL LOL!! I love the look that I demanded! I totally need the FatFace font for my blog because FatFace Font is an alliteration. And I like those.
    P.S. Thanks for making me famous

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