Celebrating Hanukkah and 40+ Years

As always, Hanukkah at Gramma and Grampa Kalling’s home was lovely–and delicious!   Gramma and I had fun making (and sampling!) the latkes before everyone else arrived.


Love this neat gift from my mom to my mother-in-law!


Gramma Kalling did beautifully with the decorations and table settings.

After we enjoyed a wonderful meal of brisket, chicken and latkes, it was time to celebrate some December birthdays (with awesome cakes made by my sister Sara!  Mine was the chocolate one because it obviously had my name on it with the holly sprinkles.  But I was a good girl and shared anyway).


 My sis Amy with her water color cat painted by our talented Mom!


I’m not much of a crier (though turning 40 can be scary!), but I had tears when I opened this gift put together by my hubby and sis Sara–and found pictures and sweet letters from family and friends inside!


Turning 40 isn’t so bad when you have wonderful family and friends in your life!  (And also when you’re not turning 50 yet!)

(My birthday card from sis Amy–with love, of course)

Here’s to the next decade–filled with life, love and laughter!!



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