The Spirit of Christmas


The girls danced their hearts out this past weekend at The Spirit of Christmas show put on by Positively Dance.  With three months and over 40 hours of rehearsal in the last week leading up to the show, it was wonderful to see their hard work pay off on stage!


Katie in her Hot Chocolate outfit
“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”  (Annie’s favorite dance costume)
Katie as a burglar in Home Alone 🙂
“Walking in the Air”
Trepak–where Katie enjoyed being lifted into the air!


“Deck the Rooftop” complete with light-up headbands 🙂
“I feel like Robin Hood!” — Annie, in her elf costume for “We Need a Little Christmas” 🙂



Sisters dressed for “O Holy Night” and “Believe”
The entire troupe beautifully signed the words to O Holy Night.

Before the dancers took the stage for the show, their director Miss Kathy led them all in prayer. (LOVE this picture!) 


A big thank you to the family and friends who came to support the girls 🙂

…until next time, folks!


2 thoughts on “The Spirit of Christmas

  1. Wow! The dance company they are a part of seems awesome! How fun to get to change into all those dance costumes. Your pictures of them performing were awesome.

    1. Joy, it was actually VERY stressful doing the costume changes!! Some changes, we only had a couple minutes to do. We had to do the show several times the same weekend. I think it took us all week to recover ! But we’re supposed to get a DVD of the performances so I think it should be all worth it when we can sit back and watch the show and eat brownies…. 🙂

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