Welcome, December!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches  sprinkles….


(And they really ARE edible sprinkles, not paper-punched holes)

Christmas tree brownies made by Katie and Annie for their last art class today… maybe… if those treats make it out the door, that is!

Brownies–my weakness.

Probably shouldn’t have put that out there, though.

I’ve always admired Supergirl (hey, the movie wasn’t as cheesy when I was a kid) but if I was her, it wouldn’t take kryptonite to bring me down.  Brownies…that’s what it’d take.  Attack the evil person…or brownies. Put out the fire…or brownies.  Save the kid…or… well, you get the picture.

(Not sure how this post went from Christmas trees to Supergirl, but welcome to my world.)

And welcome to December!


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