Everyone Poops

My awesome folks took us to Shipshewana for the day to hit the flea markets, eat an Amish lunch (yum!), and go on a horse buggy ride.


My folks posing with their newly purchased walking sticks.  Aren’t they cute!  

We passed a booth that sold t-shirts with some funny sayings.  “I pooped today” was on one such shirt.  The girls got a kick out of that.

We worked off our delicious Amish lunch by riding in a horse buggy.  (Probably would have been more effective if we’d pulled the buggy ourselves.)

The buggy driver was nice and told us about the history of Shipshewana.  (My mom was my interpreter–thanks Mom!)  Interesting factoid:  There are only 680 residents in the town, and ten percent are Amish.




The driver let Katie take the reins for a while.  Fun!

The horse’s name was Bob.  He was a nice horsey.  But a little on the poopy side.

Three times he went, if you must ask.

Annie wasn’t amused.

“He needs to wear that ‘I pooped today’ shirt that we saw!” she declared.


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