Some Folks Get Grey Hairs…

While Annie was at her piano lesson, Katie and I sat in the next room talking.  Then Katie laughed, having overheard Annie telling her piano teacher that “my mom dyes her hair sometimes.”

Um, what?

“What made her say that?” I asked Katie.

“I think it has something to do with the song they’re singing,” Katie replied.

And no wonder.  The song was called Some Folks:

Some folks get grey hairs,
Some folks do, some folks do;
Brooding o’er their cares,
But that’s not me nor you.

Apparently Annie felt the need to point out that her mom gets grey hairs…but covers them up.

I guess she gets it from me because as a kid, I once “told” on my mom for coloring her hair.

My mom was upstairs in her bathroom, preoccupied with a home dye hair kit.

Someone came to the door and I answered it.

“Oh, my mom can’t come down now.  She’s upstairs using brown shampoo.”

Guess what goes around comes around.



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