A Wet Tale

We embarked on our annual trip to Minnesota last week to visit our friends the Duncans at their lakehouse.

The girls as we started out:


After an hour or so of traveling:


Sidenote:  If your daughter packs her own toothbrush for the family trip, this is what you may find:


The trip takes about 12 hours, so we stopped overnight in Minneapolis to play at the Mall of America.  The girls were especially looking forward to the log chute ride (despite the looks on their faces in this picture from three years ago).


(I still smile every time I see this picture.)

By the last log ride, however, we weren’t exactly smiling.  We sat in the same positions shown in the picture, with Annie in front of me.  As we bumped around in the chutes, our log happened to hit the rapids just so that a huge wave came upon us, drenching Annie and myself.  (I won’t mention that I tried to use Annie as a human umbrella.)  Annie was shocked and I just started laughing–and coughing from laughing so hard.

Poor Annie was completely drenched by the time we got off the ride.  She walked like a wet cowgirl (while sister Katie managed to escape the wrath of the rapids).


So Annie and I headed to the bathroom and try to dry off a bit using the hand dryers.

I suggested that Annie take off her soaked shorts so I could dry them while she dried her shirt.  She wasn’t too keen on the idea of standing in only her shirt and underwear, but she agreed that it would speed up the drying process.  Annie stood in the corner of the bathroom while I was at the other end, with a long counter of sinks between us.  We were drying away when I noticed two boys about Annie’s age coming out of the bathroom stalls.  I looked over to see how Annie would react.  At first she didn’t notice, but then her eyes widened and she immediately pulled her shirt down as far as it would go.  The kind mother that I am, I just started laughing.  (I did try to laugh discreetly, but you can imagine how that went).  

After their mother came out too, the boys left the bathroom.  Annie was relieved and went back to drying herself.

But then another stall opened and out walked yet another boy.

Seriously?!  Annie mouthed the word as I lost it.  Again.

Poor Annie.

But she was a good sport and laughed about it too–after she put her shorts back on.

We headed to our hotel where the girls played “Draw While Blindfolded.”

IMG_0600 IMG_0598

(Or with your eyes closed or with a blanket over your head. By the way, that blanket is the same one I used as a kid with some possible thumb-sucking.) 

Can’t stay at a hotel without getting in a swim:


The next morning we were up and ready for rest of the drive to Moorhead.  IMG_0610

Mike is smiling here, but he has no idea what’s about to happen to him (or to his sunglasses) on the lake…

To be continued!



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