Just Another Day as a Deaf Mom…

As I worked in the yard early yesterday morning, I kept hearing what sounded like a car revving, someone shouting, and then loud singing. I thought maybe my hearing aid was acting up, but I kept hearing those mixed sounds. I looked next door but didn’t see anyone there.

I finally went inside and asked Annie to come out and see what the noises were.  She complied, putting on her shoes to come outside.  Then her eyes widened as we starting hearing the noises INSIDE the house.  “It’s right here, Mom!  I think it’s the Lego Movie playing, Mom!”


Then it dawned on me that my touchy iPhone was the culprit. Sure enough, I pull it out of my pocket to find the Lego movie playing–on full volume too.  

Yard work unbeknownst with a bunch of loud Lego characters…

Just another day as a deaf mom.


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