Sponsored Sisters

Annie and Katie with a picture of their sponsored sister Pooja from India

The girls have two sponsored sisters from India and Brazil, Pooja and Eliene (who is also deaf). Both girls are close to Katie’s and Annie’s ages.  They’ve enjoyed writing to and receiving letters from their “sisters” overseas.  They also faithfully keep their sisters, their families and communities in prayer.

The girls are constantly reminded of how blessed we are to be living in America without the struggles that accompany third-world countries. It’s easy to question why we were born here while many others were born into poverty and hopelessness.

With the current evil happening to women and children as a result of ISIS and other terrorist groups, it’s also easy to feel helpless.  Other than praying (which in itself is a far mightier tool than we will ever realize), there are ways to reach out.

Sponsorship is one way (we have used World Vision, Compassion International, and Gospel for Asia).  Donating to organizations that directly help victims of terrorism is another great way to help.   (Preemptive Love Coalition https://preemptivelove.nationbuilder.com/empower helps widowed women become self-employed so that they can support their families and it also helps return displaced children to school.  With the help of Ann Voskamp’s recent blog about the desperate situation of ISIS terrorism in Iraq (www.aholyexperience.com), this organization has raised over $355,000!)  While it doesn’t stop the evil from happening, it’s comforting to know that something is being done to aid the victims.

Though I feel undeserving of the good life I live with my loving husband and two happy healthy girls, I am beyond grateful.  A motivating fear of mine is that I will one day look back and realize that I could have done so much more to help the less fortunate.

“To whom much is given, much is expected.”  Luke 12:48


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