Comic Con

IMG_4065Our creative Katie enjoys all kinds of art and is currently into drawing Manga characters.   When she found out that there would be a Comic Con in Indy, she convinced us that we needed to go.

We took along cousin Brian and his two “sisters” (foreign exchange students Lena and Sarah from Russia and Germany).  Brian went dressed as a cool Ghostbuster–and fit in rather nicely with our dirty white van.


We arrived at the convention, along with about a million other people.  It was PACKED.

IMG_4069 IMG_5252

There were tons of comic books, drawings, and toys for purchase.


Many people came dressed as movie/book characters.  We bumped into Rapunzel (love her frying pan!).


Lena met Link and Zelda


Mike hung out with E.T.


And Brian made some new friends.


As we walked around, someone tapped Brian on the shoulder and told him, “We have a problem.”


Katie and Sarah with her Manga drawing purchase:


Katie wore the shirt that her dad made of her own Kon drawing printed on it.


All in all, Comic Con was a neat experience–especially with this great bunch of kids!



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