Surfin’ the…Ice?

What do you do when it’s early March in Michigan, sunny and a balmy 40 degrees out?

Hit the beach, of course!

IMG_3980 IMG_5207 IMG_3982



Lake Michigan is stunning when covered in ice.




Of course we had to tell the girls that there was a possibility they could fall through the ice.  Judging by their careful, hesitant steps, I guess they believed us.  Parenthood can be so much fun.  (And before you call CPS on us, we were in the shallow end of the lake, practically on shore.)


 We also had fun walking up a frozen sandy wave (also on shore).



IMG_5215 IMG_5218

 Me attempting to surf the wave:


But apparently my surf was too cool for the camera because this is how the next shot came out:


Guess that’s what it would look like surfing in white-out conditions.

See the crack leading up to the wave?   Yeah, I thought it was daring too.


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” — Helen Keller 


We came across a hole in the ice and made encouraged the girls to stand in it.

IMG_4011 IMG_4014

Daddy and daughter/owl selfies:

IMG_5229 IMG_5232

After we walked off the ice and stood on the shore, Katie remarked that the view looked like a cross between Antarctica and Hawaii:


We stopped at the playground on our way back.

Annie didn’t want to go down the slides.

IMG_4042 IMG_4036

I can’t imagine why.

Sitting down at this beach might be a bit tricky:


(Yep, that’s a bench submerged in sand.  Makes you feel bad for the spring clean-up crew, doesn’t it?)


Sure was a beautiful day enjoying God’s amazing creation.

Thanks for the great visit, Lake Michigan.

Now please hurry and thaw out.


The Ready-for-Sun-n-Surf Kallings


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