Grandparents are special people for sure.  My girls are blessed to have both sets of grandparents close by–and I remind them of that often.

The other day, Annie asked me about my grandparents–all of whom passed away before she was born.  I told Annie that I wished they could have met her and big sis Katie–and how much they would have loved them.

“You said that your grandma came to your wedding, right, Mom?”

“Yes, that’s right.  It was really special having her there because she had been sick and wasn’t doing well.  But she made it and she came in a wheelchair.  I was so happy to see her there with my grandpa too.”



(Oh how my grandma loved Mike–he had a special place in her heart) 

Annie looked through the wedding pictures, then said something so sweetly profound.

 “Your grandma had to use a wheelchair.  But not anymore, because she’s in Heaven now.  And her body is perfect!”

Yes, indeed, child.

Sure makes Heaven sweeter knowing our loved ones await us there.


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