Water Wars

18 years ago today, Mike and I agreed to start dating–each other, that is.  What we didn’t know at the time however was that we also agreed to a water war that continues to this day (with the most recent incident happening just last night).

It started when we were watching Michigan play on TV.  I got up to use the bathroom and when I came back into the family room, Mike had scooted to the edge of his seat, intently watching his beloved Wolverines.  That’s when it hit me–a lovely thought that a little water down his back would make for an entertaining scene.

That thought didn’t disappoint.

Upon feeling the cold water hit his back as I poured it from a cup, Mike immediately stood up and yelled, arching his back as his whole body formed a sideways U.

Fortunately, we were still in the early days of courtship and Mike was pretty taken with me.  So he didn’t get too upset.  But he did declare that he would get me back.

And he did.

Did he ever.

(But let the record show that it took him three years to do so.)

So, three years later…as bed time approached, Mike and I headed for bed.  Mike had gone upstairs ahead of me while I took care of a couple things downstairs before heading up myself.  Our stairs are pretty much in the middle of our house, with the upstairs floor wrapping around the stairway.  So one can stand upstairs and look down as someone comes up the stairs. (I imagine you’re starting to get the picture of Mike’s sweet revenge.)

As I took the first step, I felt a stream of cold water land on my head, drenching me.  I’m sure I screamed.  I looked up to see my husband’s beaming (and laughing) face and a now empty cup in his hand.

Well played, husband.  Well played.

Flash forward 15 years to last night and Mike is still playing the game well.

As our girls got ready for bed, something came over me (as it often does) and I had this idea to sneak into the girls’ bathroom and “surprise” Annie.  Let’s just say that she was surprised alright.  And not as forgiving as her dear ‘ol dad.  It still didn’t stop me from crying tears of laughter.  (I know, there goes the Mother of the Year Award… again.  And we’re only three days into the new year.)

That was when Mike decided to tell Annie that all she needs to do to feel better is to get me back.  (Parenting at its finest, folks.)  So as Annie brushed her teeth, her dad told her all about how he got his sweet revenge 15 years ago.

Apparently she was paying attention.

Because when I walked out of my bathroom, Annie stood nearby with a cup of water.   Before I realized what my sweet and innocent child was up to, I was drenched.  And Mike and Annie were all smiles.  (Mike would later admit that he didn’t know Annie would seek revenge that quickly.  Yes, he was proud.  And I must admit I was too.)

Well played, daughter.  Well played! 



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