Bewitched Bangs?

Edgar Allan Poe would claim that the bewitching hour is midnight.

It’s not.

It’s the hour past your child’s bedtime when your child is STILL awake.

Trying to get teeth brushed, hair brushed, and newly pierced ears cleaned when it’s past your child’s bedtime is like a scene out of a horror movie.

My youngest (bless her sweet, sensitive heart) becomes a fierce roaring lion when she’s overtired.  (I’ve been told I was the same way as a kid.  Sorry, Mom and Dad…and sisters Sara and Amy.)

Strange, erratic claims or requests are often made during this horror scene.

Just last week, this was Annie’s request as she bawled through her tears, “I WANT MY BANGS BACK!!!”

“Then you can have them back,” I told her, desperate to get her to calm down and

I figured her request for bangs would be a forgotten memory as she often wakes up a happy lamb, with no mention of the roaring that took place the night before.

But in the few days since, she has talked about wanting bangs.

So this morning she got her request.


The look on her face as I snipped her long hair was priceless.

But she was a good sport.

And the best part is, she likes her bangs!


(And with glasses, “So I can look REALLY different, Mom!”)


Such a cute little lion lamb…



2 thoughts on “Bewitched Bangs?

  1. Is it horrible for me to love knowing that you’re kids (as cute as they are!-are not perfect?) I loved this story! I know anytime I’m feeling blue, to come here and get cheered up!

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