The Best (Worst?) of Hanukkah/Christmas 2014

Another holiday season leaves us with great memories and some rather memorable gifts.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner of brisket, chicken and latkes at Gramma Kalling’s house for Hanukkah.


IMG_5067 IMG_5014

The grandkids played Dreidel and also this game:


Bean Boozled is a game with Jelly Bellies that come in two different flavors per color:  Yum or Yuck.  A light green jelly bean could taste like either lime or booger.  A black jelly bean could bombard your taste buds with either licorice or skunk spray.

You get to spin and whatever color the spinner lands on, you pick up a bean and pray that it’s not the death flavor.

This was the Hanukkah gift given to Grampa Kalling (a fierce Jelly Belly lover) and he was kind enough to share with the rest of us.

A happy Grampa Dave trying to wash down a Yuck taste.

The Curtis kids were good sports despite enduring the taste of skunk spray and dirty socks.

IMG_5042 IMG_5043

IMG_5035 IMG_5038

Hannah lucked out and not only won in Dreidel but also picked mostly Yum flavors.


Annie bit into a jelly bean that tasted like toothpaste and Katie ended up with a rotten egg bean. Both girls spit those beans out so fast there wasn’t time to snap a picture.

Their mom was lucky enough to taste rotten egg too.  I won’t say that I ran to the bathroom and almost threw up.   (It’s amazing how much of a foul taste can be packed into such a tiny bean!) 

Aunt Amy ended up with the taste of baby wipes (which she claimed lasted all night long) and Aunt Sara got the lovely flavor of booger (a taste that Daddy and Gramma Kalling also had to endure).

IMG_5059IMG_5046 IMG_5047

Uncle Randy bit into a barf bean.  Nice.


Next up were my folks who unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you view it) bit into some Yuck beans.

IMG_5054 IMG_5051

Yep.  Moldy cheese and skunk spray will earn you those expressions.

At midnight, Mom sent me a text that read, “I am still belching skunk spray! Thanks a lot!”  You’re welcome?

Bean Boozled–you were fun (for the most part) but we probably won’t see you again next year.

Moving on…

Christmas was once again hosted at my sister Sara’s lovely home. (Thanks again, sis!!)


10409444_852436818148020_4844197878833502882_n 10906141_852436801481355_9004461029248922799_n

The girls with Sarah and Lena, exchange students from Germany and Russia staying with the Curtises this year

We celebrated Jesus’ Birthday on Christmas Eve with this beautiful cake baked by my cute momma:

1558539_852436704814698_8296558800132812107_n 934892_852436701481365_6247712337780693240_n

Picture taken by our family friend Trisha–thanks! 🙂

Christmas morning came and we made the kids (big and small) wait on the stairs before opening presents.  Grampy Spraker told the kids a cute joke:  What do elves learn in school?   The ELFabet.


Daddy couldn’t stand it any longer and rushed into the room where I stood waiting to snap pictures of glee on OTHER kids’ faces.  But my guy is always a kid at heart anyway, so I guess he qualifies.

IMG_3596 IMG_3597

Finally, everyone made it into the living room and began opening gifts.

We’d drawn names this year for Secret Santa.  My brother-in-law Bart drew Grampy’s name and presented him with a rather interesting gift.

photo 1 photo 2

If you zoom in closer, you’ll see a certificate for sky diving.

photo 2

Yep, a memorable gift for sure! 

As the gift opening continued, Mike and I sat on the couch putting batteries into some walkie talkies that we’d given the girls.  My sister Amy looked at us and asked, “WHAT kind of gift is that? WHO would give you guys that?!”   I laughed as we pretended to use the walkie talkies.

“Huh? What did you say??”

“Hello hello?”

Walkie talkies as a gift for deaf people.

Yep, that would be memorable too.

Here’s to a fun and funny happy new year to us all in 2015!



2 thoughts on “The Best (Worst?) of Hanukkah/Christmas 2014

  1. HAHAHAHA! This is one of the best.posts.ever.!!!!! Oh man! barf bean!?! Haaaa!! So you’re family is Jewish? Or Mikes? We (my family/mom sisters etc) have always celebrated Passover even though we aren’t, but never Hannukah and now I want too -but only if I can celebrate with you.

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