Art Institute of Chicago

As a Hanukkah gift to the girls, Gramma and Grampa Kalling took them to Chicago for the day.  I got to tag along too–bonus! (Well, for me anyway.)

We went on Gramma’s birthday, making it extra special.


We visited the Art Institute of Chicago so the girls could see the Impressionists up close and the amazingly detailed Thorne Miniature Rooms.

Katie wanted her picture taken with the bridge that her Grammy and Grampy Spraker recently visited in the actual Claude Monet garden.

Other impressive art was on display too, like Jesús Rafael’s pénétrable, a kind of luminous environmental sculpture of hanging filaments that draws in the onlookers. 

Walking through the sculpture feels like what I imagine Dory and Marlin (from Nemo) must have experienced when “takin’ on the jellies” and trying to navigate through jellyfish tentacles.  Except without the stings.  Thankfully. 

IMG_3491 IMG_3492 IMG_3493

Then it was on to sculptures of really long, lean people.  (And a couple of realistic-looking cute girls too.)


There were other sculptures too, as noted by the girls.  “Why do they have naked people with their heads, arms and legs chopped off?”  Good question, girls.

We spent a couple of hours at the Art Institute before heading to Michigan Street for some fun shopping.

But not before we viewed my most favorite picture, thanks to Grampa Kalling:




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