Early Snow = Depths of Despair?

So, the white stuff returned this year.  Way ahead of schedule.

It snowed on Halloween for crying out loud.  Then again on November 13 (a nice birthday gift to the hubs).  And yet again a few days later, causing places and schools to shut down.  In mid-November.  

This happened last year too.  We got dumped with snow before Thanksgiving.  I tried to leave a message for the snow fairy, but it apparently went unheeded.


But when you have kids, then the snow isn’t so bad.




But when you have cats who LOVE to be outside, then the snow is pretty bad.

Our cat Theo goes crazy if we don’t let him outside.

He’ll climb our walls, knock down stuff, shred toilet paper, get into our kitchen trash can, and eat shoes.

Yes. Shoes.  (That’s one reason we got cats and not dogs, to avoid having chewed up things.)

And now apparently the snow has driven Theo to the depths of despair.




to the bottom of the washing machine.





Who wants to let this little fella know that the winter season has only just begun?

Despite what the Farmer’s Almanac says, I hope this winter will be on short cycle.



2 thoughts on “Early Snow = Depths of Despair?

  1. Oh my word this cracked me up!!! Poor Kitty. Do you secretly wash Theo in the washing machine instead of the sink or the bathtub? It’s okay, you can tell me, I won’t blog about it. Maybe. FedEx your kitty to me. We have sun nearly 355 days a year here, so when it does snow, it melts-sometime within one hour.

    1. Joy, my cats come with built-in washers so I never have to bathe them. Nice! But what’s not nice is rubbing it in that you have sunshine nearly every day. But I still love you.

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