Volleyball Parenting

Our 10 year-old Katie just finished her first volleyball season tonight (and with four aces to boot!).


I won’t lie–I was excited when Katie agreed to play volleyball this year.  Admittedly, I was also a bit nervous.

Not for her, but for her dad (and me).

If you know Mike, you know he’s all heart–and lungs.  He’s passionate about sports (to say the least).

But after tonight’s close game (we were tied several times but then lost by two points), it’s safe to say that Mike has met his match.

We may have looked similar to these people:



images images

You know it’s bad when your 7-year-old daughter tells you to calm down.

Poor Katie. (Annie, you’re up next).

And it’s only just begun.

Can’t wait for next volleyball season!


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