Holey Ears

Our Annie officially joined the Holey Ears Club today at seven years old.

Annie and big sis Katie with their Gramma Kalling and Grammy Spraker–all official members of the Holey Ears Club

Her big sis Katie became a member at the age of six, as did her mom.  (I actually got my ears pierced the same day as my big sis Sara who had to wait until she turned 16 before she was allowed to get her ears pierced.  As you might imagine, I wasn’t her favorite person that day.  It was still a good day for me though. Sorry, sis.)  

My own mother and grandmother both got their ears pierced together, when my mother was 45.  I remember opening up my lunch in the 7th grade to find a note from my mom that said, “Have a good day!  We’ll see you later, with holey ears!”  She’d drawn a picture of two smiley ladies wearing earrings.  That note still makes me smile today.

Annie’s Gramma Kalling also joined the Holey Ears Club at age 50.  She got hers done in the mall at Claires, where all the rest of us girls also went.

In trying to keep with tradition, I offered the opportunity to Annie when she turned six.  But she was not interested in inflicting unnecessary pain on herself.  (Good for her!)  However, for the last month or so, she’s been asking to get her ears pierced.

And so today, it was off to Claires for Annie’s initiation into the Holey Ears Club.

Annie, before her ears became holey

“Have you told your ears yet that they’re getting a shot today?” I jokingly asked Annie.

“Yep, and they’re ready!” Annie replied.

Alrighty then!

Annie’s feet became slightly cold, but she went through with the procedure–with big sis Katie’s encouragement.


Introducing…(drum roll please) the newest member of the Holey Ears Club:


Here’s the other side too, in case you were wondering:


Good job, Annie!

And welcome to the club!


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