Still Exhibits

It’s fair time around these here parts!

Katie and Annie entered some artwork for the Still Exhibits at the fair.  We went yesterday to check out their work and see what grades they earned. 

They each submitted a photograph so we looked through the photos and found Annie’s picture that she took of a pink impatien–with a grade of an A!  She was one happy flower!


We kept looking for Katie’s owl photo (taken during a visit to Sarasota’s Jungle Gardens) and couldn’t find it.  Finally, we found it–along the Shutterbug Showcase Award wall of ribbon-worthy photos!


Katie was owl-fully happy! 


Here are a few more pics of their artwork (because I’m their mom and I can brag if I want to)…

Katie’s Western art using chalk pastels and black construction paper
Annie’s Alien drawing using chalk, marker and crayon 🙂
Katie’s music room created for a Barbie-sized doll

Fun times!

IMG_4506 IMG_4509 IMG_4518

Til next year, folks! 



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