Billy Bob Teeth

In light of the recent Facebook challenge to post pictures that one feels beautiful in, I posted this:


Ain’t I purty?

Billy Bob teeth have a special place in our family, starting the day Mike and I got married.

My sis Sara’s husband Bart decided to sport some Billy Bob teeth for our special day.

True story.

Check out him out in the far left, standing next to my handsome groom, his best man/brother Steve, and our good friend Cory.



Bart also wore those fake teeth when he met my parents’ pastor for the first time.

It was all I could do to keep from crying tears of laughter.

My mom introduced him to the pastor who shook his hand, looked up at him, then quickly looked down and said fervently, “God bless you!”  (While probably thinking, God have mercy on that poor soul!)

Billy Bob teeth have also been worn by my other brother-in-law Randy (who officiated our wedding–wearing his real teeth, thankfully).  He and my sister Amy walked around at the state fair, with Randy faking a limp, and people parted like the Red Sea.

Shortly after Mike and I were married, we went shopping at Meijer with Mike wearing Billy Bob teeth (not the same pair that Bart and Randy wore, of course.  We do have standards.)   Walking next to my Billy Bob husband while trying to keep a straight face was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.   Kids stared in horror and adults tried to politely look away.

We passed by a store employee who looked at Mike, then looked at ME as if it was my fault.   After walking around the store for a while, Mike finally took them off.

On our way out, we passed by that same employee.

He did a major double take.

Mike just nodded at him and grinned.

(Poor guy probably scheduled an eye exam the next day.)


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