A WHAT Princess?!


It’s harder than it looks. Even when it’s paired with signing.

But it does make for some funny stories.

My girls have a friend staying over for a couple of days.   This morning, they played Fashion Show.   Annie was the announcer for Katie and her friend’s fashion runs, making statements like, “Now she’s coming out as the Wild Style girl” or “Here comes the Cow Girl.”

There was one announcement Annie made that was, um, questionable.

“Katie will now be a B–tch Princess.”

“A WHAT Princess?” I asked.

Annie looked quizzically at me and repeated what she said/signed.   This time she even added a B next to her cheek, which was close to the actual sign for, well you know.

“A what kind of princess?” I had to ask again while my mind was processing HOW in the world Annie even knew that sign.

“You know, a B–tch princess. The kind that likes water and sand.”


“A BEACH princess?” I asked.

“Yes! A BEACH princess.”

Turns out Annie didn’t know the sign for BEACH, so she used the sign for PEACH (which is located on the cheek) but used a “B” handshape.

Rather clever (and original) of a 7-year-old, if you ask me.

Never a dull moment being the deaf mom of a clever 7-year-old and her BEACH Princess sister.



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