POP Goes the Modem

It’s been said that deaf people can sleep very peacefully, for the obvious reason that we have complete silence.  

Usually, that’s the case for Mike and myself.

But not the other night when we had excess lightning and thunder.

And a BIG bang.

A bang so loud that it nearly bolted us right out of our bed.

A bang so big that it set off our fire alarm.

(We have the kind of fire alarm that not only beeps loudly but also produces a frenzy of strobe lightning.  So you can imagine what it was like being bolted out of bed with a loud BANG and then having your sleeping darkness invaded by flashes of strobe lighting.  I’m sure Mike and I looked like characters from the “Waking” Dead.)

Naturally, Mike and I were a bit freaked out, hoping that we didn’t have ourselves a fire of some sort.

Mike went to investigate and I went to check on the girls.  Katie apparently woke up but went back to sleep.  Annie on the other hand was scared and came to sleep in our room.  “I thought the light bulb blew up in my room!” she declared.  (The neighbor kids would tell us later that day that they also heard the bang and they fearfully thought it was a gun shot.)

We would find that there was no fire and no smoke, thankfully.

We would also discover that lightning apparently struck and blew out our modem, netgear for wi-fi, video phone, and our garage door opener.  


But at least we didn’t have a fire and there was no other damage done.

And for that, we’re grateful…

The Grateful Deaf.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)





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