Why I’m Glad I’m Not a Camel

Warm weather is finally upon us, if I may dare say.

Annie’s been begging to go to the zoo since the snow melted, so we went today.



I felt bad for the poor faceless cow.


 Can’t say I helped much.

Moo-ving on to the Ankole Cattle.


 How’d you like to carry a set of horns like those?

We read that those horns have blood vessels inside them, so when the wind blows on the horns, the cooled blood flows through the cattle’s body to help battle heat.

Wow.  Mind-blowing.

Or maybe I should say horn-blowing?

And now we move from blowing to spraying…


The girls and I moved a little farther away from the lions’ cage after reading that sign.


Then it was time to visit some more friendly animals…like monkeys.

Except Annie recently had a bad dream about a monkey attacking her, so she wasn’t too keen on them today.

But she faced her fear nonetheless.

Go Annie!  


Speaking of monkeys…


 Along the way, we ran into an old friend–Ms. (Mr.?) Tortoise.

The girls wanted their picture taken with her (him?).


It was a great day for frolicking at the zoo, enjoying God’s creation.

And last but not least, we saw a couple of camels.


 Then we read this sign:


My neck hurt after reading that sign.

And THAT is why I’m glad I’m not a camel.

The end.


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