Masks, High-Powered Tools, and Barb Removers–Oh My!

Katie had an appointment with the orthodontist yesterday.

She’d lost some lower baby teeth and her growing permanent molars were hindered by straight wires in her mouth.

So it was off to the orthodontist to see what could be done.

We didn’t know what to expect.

But Katie sure didn’t expect to hear what she heard.

I sat next to her with Annie on my lap.

The orthodontist (a nice man by the way) wore a mask so I couldn’t see what he was saying, but figured he knew what he was doing so I could just kick back and relax.

After he inspected Katie’s mouth, he looked up and apparently called for some reinforcement.

(Later, Katie would tell me that he said, “Get me the high powered tool and the barb remover please.”  Katie said, “I was like WHAT?!!  I thought he would say that he was just joking… but he didn’t.”)

An assistant brought him some tools, including wire cutters and a powered tool of some kind.

Katie’s view was similar to this:


(This is the part where Annie’s eyes went wide and she covered her face. Poor Katie probably wished she could do the same.)

“I just started praying!” Katie exclaimed.

Within minutes, the good doctor was done.

Katie sat up and seemed fine–and relieved that it didn’t hurt at all!

(An answered prayer!)

Then the good and well-meaning doctor attempted to explain to me what had just been done–with his mask still on.

“Excuse me, but I need to be able to read your lips,” I told him.

He looked confused for a bit, then he realized what I was asking and pulled his mask off.

“Right, because you can’t hear me with my mask on,” he confirmed.

(Yes, except that I can’t hear you regardless–I just need to SEE you.)

Anyhow, the doctor had replaced Katie’s straight wires with a curved one, so now Katie’s teeth aren’t hindered from growing.

We’re good to go for the next six months.

Unless the unforeseen happens.

But at least now we know what to expect.



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