Genius Child Labor at Easter time

Stuffing Easter eggs can be a tedious job if you have to do it alone.

But if you let your kids do it, it’s much more enjoyable.

And genius too, as the girls’ Grammy Spraker pointed out.

(And if your kids still happen to believe in the Easter Bunny, you can just tell them that we help the critter out by filling the eggs then leaving them for him to hide.  Or you could pay thousands of dollars in therapy.  Either way.)

Anyhow, Katie and Annie were eager to fill the eggs.


Annie with the golden egg–in a sparkling, sequined dress no less:


The hunt for the golden egg is like no other as the girls and their cousins battle for the egg’s coveted cash.

More than once, Katie and Annie have found the golden egg, much to their older cousins’ chagrin.

No blood has been drawn, but there have been a few tears.

What a way to commemorate a holy holiday.  Ahem. 

Back to filling the eggs…

Allowing your kids to fill the eggs can lead to some creative stuffing methods.

Katie with her double eggs that she crisscrossed and closed together:


 Here’s Annie with her genius idea of stuffing a bigger egg with an empty smaller egg.

Funny stuff, unless you’re the one to find that egg.


Metamorphosis can also occur if you allow your kids to stuff the eggs.

Meet Katiedid:


When all’s stuffed and done, you’ve got filled eggs in record time–or at least in less time than if you’d done them yourself.

Happy egg hunting and to all a good search!


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