A Science Experiment Gone Wrong

“Hey Mom, does the rain make the snow melt?” 

That was the question that sparked it all.

And by “it all,” I mean the science experiment that eventually led to a full-blown slip-n-slide in my kitchen. 

Rather than giving an answer, I asked Katie and Annie what they thought would happen to ice cubes if they dripped water over them.

Hypothesis:  The ice would melt faster if water dripped on it.

So each girl got a plate of ice cubes and a dropper (we started out with one plate and one dropper to share but that didn’t go over well). 

The girls dripped water over their ice and sure enough, the ice began to melt.



We got the salt shaker out to see how much faster the ice would melt.

Then Katie made an observation:  “Hey, this dropper is kinda like a water gun!”

And you can probably guess what happened next.

 Yep, a “water gun” fight ensued.

The girls got me wet.

And so it was time for Mom to get out “the big guns.”


Oh yes, I did.

The expression on my girls’ faces as I sprayed them was priceless.

(My mother should be proud.  Because she used the same weapon when I was a kid.  True story.)

The girls posing with their “water guns:”




Needless to say, some water got on the floor.

Annie slipped and fell.

And laughed.

Katie proceeded to do the same and thought it was great fun.

So the girls asked if they could please do a slip-n-slide.

“That looks painful! Doesn’t it rub your skin?” I protested…in vain.

The girls insisted that it didn’t hurt.



The girls ran and slid up and down the floor.


After it was all over, the girls mopped up the floor with towels.







And that’s how you get clean floors, folks.

So, there you have it–how an innocent science experiment led to an indoor slip-n-slide adventure. 

Annie was especially happy because she’s been asking to do the slip-n-slide since the first day of Spring. 

And today her wish came true.

And now my floors are clean.

The end.








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