A Very Frozen Birthday

So, the movie Frozen–you may have heard of it, yes? 

Or maybe you’ve seen it a hundred million times–either willingly, or held against your will by your little ones.

This family loves the movie Frozen.  

(I especially love that it doesn’t take the typical fairy tale prince’s kiss to save the day in this film.)

After a VERY LONG winter, it was only appropriate that we celebrate Annie’s 7th birthday with a Frozen theme.



Annie’s birthday cake complete with Frozen characters (and LOTS of snow frosting):




The girls asked that the villain Hans be placed head-first in the snow.





The girls made their own cute version of Olaf:



“Hi, I’m Olaf and I love warm hugs!”




And played Pin the Carrot on Olaf:



Olaf–quite possibly the cutest animated character ever!! 

Happy girls playing with Elsa’s Snow Castle:



Annie holding her birthday present from big sis Katie:




The real-life version of Hans and Kristoff showed up at the party too!





Just kidding.  

They’re Annie’s adorable grandpas eating a couple of Elsa’s magic snow wands.






Happy 7th Birthday to Annie, our Frozen “Anna”

We love you!

And may your birthday usher in Spring! 



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