Lucky to Be Alive–and the Sound of Pee

“Tell me about when you were a kid, Mom.  Like the time Aunt Sara threw your blankie up in a tree,” Annie asked at bedtime the other night.

“Yeah, Aunt Sara threw my favorite blankie way up high in a tree and I cried because we had to wait until Grampy got home before we could get it down,” I told her.

“You cried, Mom?”

“Yes, because I was only 3 years old.”

“That wasn’t nice of Aunt Sara, Mom.”

“No it wasn’t, but I was a brat so I probably deserved it.”

“How were you a brat?”

Let me count the ways…right, my adoring sisters Sara and Amy??

“Well, I used to spit at people–mostly at Aunt Sara and Aunt Amy.”

Annie laughed, then added, “And you used to take off running too!”

“Yes I did. I would dash out the front door and run to the neighborhood pool.”

“Yeah, and you climbed up the high dive and jumped off the dive! You thought people were waving at you so you smiled and waved back before you jumped.  But they weren’t waving at you. They were trying to tell you NOT to jump!  And you hit the water hard!”

(Can you tell she’s heard this story more than once?)

“Yep, that did happen.  I liked to jump in the pool when I wasn’t supposed to.  Poor Aunt Sara had to jump in with all her clothes on to rescue me.”

“So she had to save you from drowning?!”

“Yes, she did.”

“You’re lucky to be alive, Mom!”

“Yes.  Yes I am.  I’m glad Aunt Sara saved me so I can be here with you now.”

“You are so lucky your sister saved you, Mom!  I don’t think Katie would do that for me.”

(This is the part where I laughed but probably shouldn’t have.)

“Oh, I’m sure Katie would jump right in and save you!  She loves you.”

* * *

The next morning, Katie commented that she heard us talking from her bedroom.

“You did?”

(It never fails to amaze me how well hearing people can hear!)

“Yes and I heard what Annie said about me not saving her from drowning.  I was gonna yell ‘Hey!’ but then you said that I would have saved her, so I was like, ‘okay.’ “

Whew, good thing I said that!

Back to being amazed at what hearing people can hear…

During my second year of college, I switched from wearing an analog hearing aid to a digital one.  I made a couple of shocking discoveries about sound.

One, I could hear the crinkle of the cereal bag as I closed it up.

Two, I could hear my pee as it hit the toilet water.

I remember walking out of the bathroom with wide eyes, almost afraid to ask the question.

“Mom, can you hear people going pee?”

My mom nodded her head like it was no big deal that people could hear others tinkle.


And all this time, I thought I was doing my business quietly.


Or maybe that should say Tinkle.










4 thoughts on “Lucky to Be Alive–and the Sound of Pee

  1. You were a sweetie most of the time…the times you were getting your own way especially. 🙂 We wouldn’t have traded you for anyone or anything…
    most days anyway. : /

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