First Day of Spring, 2014!

Today is the first day of Spring!

That was Annie’s announcement this morning.  She has been counting down the days til March 20 (pretty much since January).

I think she thought the snow would magically disappear and it would be warm outside.

Not quite yet.

“I opened the door this morning, and it was a little bit cold,” Annie said.

Yep, a high of 41 today.

But we had sunshine and no rain or snow flurries!

So we celebrated by heading to Riverfront Park where mostly snow-free and muddy ground awaited us.

And where Santa Clause and his reindeer also greeted us.

I kid you not.




Ironically, today is the only time the girls have had their picture taken with Santa. 

Growing up, neither girl has ever wanted a snapshot with the jolly guy.   

Annie was the lone preschooler who refused to sit on his lap when he came to visit the classroom.  We had a snow day when Santa was supposed to visit Katie’s preschool class, so she lucked out.



But apparently, the fake (and immobile) version of Saint Nick is safe.



Upon closer inspection, we made a sad discovery.



This Santa has been flying (or floating) with a headless reindeer.

Oh deer.

But at least Rudolph kept up his end of the bargain, sporting a giant red bulb…in his mouth?



Rudolph with his nose mouth so bright…

All jokes aside, this river Santa and his reindeer crew are a welcome Christmas tradition in this town.

But it’s a tad too early to be talking Christmas, and it is the first day of Spring, so moving on…

Riverfront Park has added some recent exercise equipment along the trail, and the girls wanted to check them out.



(love Annie’s form!)









Take Two:



I got in some exercise too and did about 10  5  0  chin ups.




The river is doing well and has expanded quite a bit:




The two cutest girls ever (no bias on my part or anything):



Love them so much!


Welcome, Spring.

Please come and STAY a long while.

Thank you.


the over-winterized Michigan peeps



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