Just Another Ordinary Day as a Deaf Mom…

It’s a given when you’re deaf that things may go on in your household that may not otherwise happen in a hearing household.

Running water, for example. 

Or more specifically–running water that’s not supposed to be running.

Mike and I both occasionally leave the water running and forget to turn it off.

Sometimes it’s a long while before we remember.  Usually we don’t even remember until we just happen to see the water running.  Oops.

A couple of times, we’ve woken up in the morning only to discover that cold showers were on the menu because one of us left the hot water running all night.

 If we’re lucky, one of our hearing daughters will hear the water running and tell us.  Once, in the middle of the night, Annie came into our room to ask if Katie was using our bathroom.

“Huh?  No, Katie’s not in our bathroom. She’s in her bed. Go back to bed.”

It wasn’t until morning when I saw water running in our bathroom sink, and it dawned (pun intended) on me the relevance of Annie’s midnight question.

It’s a good thing that we have unclogged pipes.  And a well.  And no water bills. 

So, running water is one issue we occasionally deal with in our household.

And apparently, after today, so is a running vacuum.

I plugged in the vacuum cleaner and spent the next 15 minutes doing odds and ends, including picking up stuff off of the floor that wasn’t vacuum-worthy.

Then when I reached for the vacuum, I could feel that it was already on. 


“Hey Katie, was this vacuum on?”


“For how long??”

“I don’t know.  A while.”

“For like 15 minutes??  Why didn’t you tell me it was running?”

“I don’t know.  I thought you were using it.”


Fortunately, there wasn’t a hole in the floor from where the vacuum had been sucking carpet for a long while–but at least it wasn’t running overnight.

Yep, just another ordinary day as a deaf mom in this household.

Gotta love it.

And I do.







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