President’s Day Talk

A recent conversation between the girls and myself while doing school work on U.S. Presidents…

Katie:  Did u know there was a president who chose not to live in the White House?

Annie:  Why do they call it the White House? Because it’s white?

Katie:  The White House isn’t even in Washington D.C. either!  And there was a president that got caught swimming naked.  A girl reporter wouldn’t give him back his clothes until she got an interview with him.

Me:  Which president was that?

Katie:  I think his name was John Quincy Adams.

Me:  Oh yeah.  Did you guys know that we are related to John Quincy Adams?  I think he is like our great, great, great, great, great uncle.

Annie:  (with wide eyes) We’re related to a naked guy?!?

Editor’s Note:   Unfortunately, following that conversation, I found out from my mom that we are no longer related to John Quincy Adams.  My aunt discovered that the Adams that we are related to are not from the lineage of John Quincy Adams.


It would be kinda neat to be related to a famous naked guy.

But I guess in that sense, we are all related to a naked guy–and his name was even Adam too!

Sorry, but you had to see that one coming!


You’re welcome, and Happy President’s Day!


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