Love is in the Air (and on the Floor)

I woke up this morning and walked out into the kitchen to find this:



My first thought was that one of the cats made this mess.

(Our cats are known to knock things over, especially the girls’ craft projects.)

Then I saw this:



And this:



And this:





And I realized that I have some very SWEET girls!

“We wanted to surprise you this morning so we got up early and decorated!”







Theo wanted in on some of the lovin’ too.



Annie made this sweet love note:



(love how Annie wrote “I love dem” and how she did Mike’s name in Michigan colors.  The girl knows her Dade well!)

In keeping with the spirit of love, we decided to bake a heart-shaped cake today.



The girls shared their cake with their neighbor friends.



“Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Never mind that it’s still January and Valentine’s Day is over a couple weeks away.

Because after all…

Love is always in season.

Except when it comes to sharing one’s own chocolate, that is.

“We made this box so you can draw something out, like “Free kiss” or “Free Hug”  and use it for the day then put it back in and use it again,” Katie explained.



“But you can’t put back “Free piece of candy” because I don’t want to give away all my chocolate!”


She is definitely my daughter.


Let love–and chocolate–reign! 




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