Cabin Fever

Recently, we were hit a lot of the white stuff.


(Did the picture make anyone else think of a vanilla cupcake?)



So, when you’re snowed in with cabin fever, what can you do?

Build a cabin, of course!

Katie spent two snow days building a cabin for her beloved barbie dolls.






The finished product turned out really neat!  Front and back too.




The girls couldn’t wait to play with it when it was all done.







Guess the builder’s blood runs in the family, thanks to my dad.

He passed on his love of building to his three daughters who spent many summers working construction for Kaser-Spraker Construction, Inc.

But before we did that, my sisters and I built our own cool club house in the backyard.

Here’s proof:



(There are so many comments I could make about this picture, starting with my sister’s fabulous pose and the appropriate builder’s outfit that my bad 8-year-old self sported.  But I’ll just let the photo speak for itself.)



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