White Elephant Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 was a memorable one.

Thanks in large part to the White Elephant gift exchange.

But first, here’s a couple of family pictures–our first big family photo since 2010.


(LOVE Randy’s expression.  He’s probably the most sane one in the family.)

Take Two.


Sure do love this bunch!!! 

So, back to the White Elephant.

My sister Sara, the fabulous host of Christmas, proposed that we gift each other with a $5 maximum gift.

“Something useful but also funny,” she suggested.

I must add that Sara is one multi-talented host, going the whole nine yards to ensure that everything is great!

Here’s a cute picture of Sara, on her equally cute Christmas porch:


Love her!

So after eating (and eating and eating) a delicious Christmas Eve dinner,

with huge forks,


we headed to church for a nice Christmas Eve service and then came back for more eating.

And to play the White Elephant game.

We placed all our gifts on the coffee table, drew numbers and then took turns accordingly, picking out an appealing gift.

As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Too late.

Katie had picked out a beautifully wrapped present only to unwrap this:


An XXXL “ugly” Christmas sweater.

Katie may be smiling on the outside but she sure wasn’t on the inside.

The rest of us were fighting not to laugh.  Some of us more unsuccessfully so than others.  Like Aunt Sara and cousin Hannah.  Ahem.

During the game, we had the option of choosing a gift from the table or taking someone else’s gift.

Uncle Bart, kind soul that he is, opted to take Katie’s gift.  She was a bit relieved to say the least.  Until she opened another gift to find a tape measure.  Not much better at all, poor girl.

It didn’t really help that Annie and Hannah both scored some soft, cuddly gifts:


Our family friend Trisha (who also snapped our family photo) kindly opted to take Katie’s second gift because she could use a tape measure.   (Thanks, Trisha!)  So Katie got to open yet another gift.  Maybe the third time would be the charm?


Nope, guess not.


I have a feeling this photo will down as a family classic in the years to come.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good gift!


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