Ice Capades

The girls went ice skating for the first time the other day.  

And survived.

They actually really liked it!

Their mom also enjoyed laughing at with them as they attempted to maneuver across the rink.



I opted to stay in my shoes so that I could help the kids skate–and take pictures without flailing on the ice.  (Plus the girls don’t need a mommy that’s been put out of commission!)






Oops, one sister down.




And the other sister goes down too.




No kids were (badly) hurt during the filming of the Ice Capades.

The girls did great for their first time and I was one proud mommy! 


The girls’ neighbor friends met us at the rink and they all had a grand time.



(Here’s one more cute neighbor kid)




We skated at the Niles Skating Rink (free to the public).  There’s a building where you can borrow skates.  Nice!   The owner there said that he “got the skates cheap” and that he really gets a kick out of seeing the kids enjoy the ice rink.

Me too, sir.  And thank you! 

We’ll be back! 



One thought on “Ice Capades

  1. Love it! My kids had a great time also! They can’t wait to go again! Yeah, he’s a pretty cute boy isn’t he? But don’t let the looks fool ya 😉 ❤

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