Secret Sleepover

Last night, I did my routine check up on the girls before going to bed–only to find that Annie’s bed was empty.


I looked in Katie’s room and found both girls asleep on the floor.



Apparently they’d staged a secret sleepover earlier in the day. 

They woke up all smiles the next morning.

“So you guys had a sleepover?”

Katie grinned, “Yep! We planned it before bed time.  After you and Daddy went downstairs, I tiptoed out of my room and told Annie the coast was clear! So she came in my room and we set up our bed on the floor.” 


I love that she tiptoed quietly, so she wouldn’t alert her deaf parents.

“Ah, I wondered why you were anxious to turn out the lights,” I told Annie.

She grinned, as if she’d just completed the greatest trick in the world.


May my girls always have a strong sisterhood bond.

And may this secret sleepover be as grand a scheme as they’ll ever pull.




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