To Ski or Not to Ski…

Skiing is an awesome sport, if you ask me.

Nothing quite like speeding down a snowy (sometimes icy) hill and being in control of your destiny.

Or something like that.

My older daughter has discovered the joy of skiing.

My younger one–not so much.


However, Annie surprised me when she agreed to go skiing the other day.

I was looking forward to hitting the slopes with both of my girls, along with my favorite niece Hannah.  But I admit that I was nervous, not knowing how well things would go with Annie.  Sweetheart that she is, she is also a bit stubborn and set in her ways.

My college roommate Danielle and her five-year-old daughter Sydney (first time skier) were meeting us there, so I hoped having a friend on the bunny hill would help make skiing fun for Annie.

After enduring a workout just putting on our ski boots, we walked over to the bunny hill.  Danielle had arrived earlier and Sydney was already having a good first-time experience.

Aren’t they cute!



Katie and Hannah got their skis on, and went right down the hill.

I won’t mention which one forgot how to stop and skied right past the tow rope, crash landing in a pile of snow.  And I won’t mention that I cried tears of laughter, thinking what a bad aunt I was. 

(But for the record, Hannah quickly caught on and did great for it being only her second time skiing! I was also a proud aunt!)

I put my skis on and then put Annie’s skis on.

So far, so good!

Until it wasn’t.

With a flip of the switch, Annie declared she was NOT going down the hill.

WHAT?! We just got here!  We just paid for our lift tickets and spent 30 minutes putting on ski boots and now you don’t want to ski?!  

“Oh, Annie, come on, you’ll like it!” I tried to encourage her.

“NO! I’m NOT skiing!” she retorted, crossing her arms.

We went back and forth a few times.

I won’t lie.  Panic started to creep in.  And also frustration.  And anger.

“Annie, if you don’t try skiing, I will take away your Hello Kitty!”

Yes. I resorted to bribery. I’m not proud about it.

But I was just wasting my breath.

The girl was NOT budging.

So I let her sit on the top of the hill while the rest of us skied for a while.

Each time I came up, I would ask if she was ready.  You can guess what her answer was.

It was getting close to lunch time.  I told Annie we weren’t going into the lodge until she went down the hill.

“FINE! I’ll go down!”

Fine?! Did she really say FINE?! 

She got up, and with a flip of the switch, smiled and said, “This will be fun!”

Huh? I don’t get it, but I’ll take it! 

We went down, fell down once (she laughed), and then made it back up on the tow rope with Annie all smiles.

This took place several more times.

Miracles really do happen.


We all managed to survive the tow rope without killing ourselves–or ripping open our gloves/mittens too.  Unlike back when I was five years old and my mittens ripped open, feathers flying everywhere.  And we also managed not to get run over by each other.  Unlike back when I was five years old and I skied straight down the hill without turning or stopping–and skied crashed right into my mother.  My parents were frantically waving their arms to get me to stop but I thought they were cheering me on.  Sorry, Mom and Dad. 

After a few runs on the bunny hill, Hannah and Katie were ready for bigger slopes.


Hannah took some great shots while they were out there!


Breathtaking scenery!


Skiing bunnies cousins:


After a few more runs on the bunny hill, Annie decided she’d had enough.  I didn’t complain–it was definitely tiring trying to teach Annie to ski and wrangle with the tow rope (the tow rope worker had to stop it a couple times to “help” us out).  But I was happy and grateful that Annie was willing to try skiing!


We retired to the lodge while the others hit the slopes for a couple more hours.

I told Annie I was proud of her for going down the hill.  I was also curious why she decided to try it when she flat out refused to at first.

“I didn’t want you to take away my Hello Kitty.”


Yes, I felt guilty.

But I also realized that bribery has its place.

“But I’m glad I did it!  I want to come back next time.”

Ah, music to my eyes. 



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