Chicago with Gramma!

The girls’ wonderful Gramma Kalling celebrated her birthday recently by taking us to Chicago on the train.  

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Chicago we go!



(I don’t know who’s more excited–Gramma or the girls!)



Our attempt at a 4-group selfie 🙂




(Notice that Katie’s fingers are bandaged–an important part of the story to follow)

Taking the train to Chicago is so easy and relaxing, without having to worry about crazy drivers!

And you can have fun and interesting conversations like the one we had.

Katie told Gramma about how she hurt her fingers in HipHop dance class trying to attempt the Baby Freeze position. (And yes the position is as weird as the name itself but it does somewhat  look like a baby in freeze frame–an upside down baby on its head.  Poor baby.)

Gramma cautioned that Katie needs to be careful with her head, which led to the discussion of the soft spot, which led to Gramma texting Grampa this:

Gramma:   How old are children when their soft spot closes?

Grampa:  Probably two years…  Why do you ask??

(We laughed hard at his response, picturing his bewilderment.)

Gramma:  Just conversation about standing on your head.

Grampa:  I think you are a bit out of shape to stand on your head.  Please don’t try that.

Gramma:  Thanks.

Grampa:  Happy Birthday.  And protect that soft spot.

Too funny!! 

A little over two hours, we arrived at Museum Campus to hit the Field Museum.

It was a foggy day, so dense that you couldn’t even see the tops of the buildings.



Not a good day to go up to the Sears Tower.  But it was in the 50s–in December, in the Windy City.  A great day indeed to be in Chicago! 



Hello Field Museum! 



A kind passerby offered to take a picture of all four of us:



We hit the Underground Adventure where we had to shrink down to half an inch. (I think Annie really thought we were going to shrink.)



We explored the underground world, encountering various little critters like earwigs, wolf spiders, and ground mites.  Lovely.


That’s a wolf spider chowing down on a little grub.  Rest in Peace, little grub.

Katie sat on a cicada.  Annie politely declined out of disgust. 


We all enjoyed the Underground Adventure and were amazed at how many living things are actually in the ground–and how each little critter has a purpose in helping to provide good soil.  God sure knew what He was doing when He created every creature! 



Then we went off to explore other parts of the museum, visiting Sue the T-Rex, watching a 3-D Ice Age movie about mammoths (kinda glad we don’t live in that period now), and touring a neat bioluminescence exhibit.



(In case you were wondering what bioluminescence was.  Amazing stuff!)

After a few hours at the Field Museum, we decided it was time for lunch.  It’s always a good time to eat, after all.   So we hailed a cab to Water Tower for food and shopping–the perfect combination!

While riding in the back of the cab, Katie noted that it would cost us 50 bucks to throw up in the cab.   

Sure enough, here’s proof of the Vomit Clean-Up Fee:



We arrived at Water Tower and visited American Girl store and the Lego store.




And ate.



No birthday is complete without chocolate, so we indulged in a chocolate mousse cupcake. Yum!



After doing some walking along Michigan Avenue (so pretty at Christmas time!) and visiting the Disney store (where the girls each got a sister doll from the movie Frozen), we hailed another cab to the train station to head for home.




Such a great day with great company!  

Thank you again, Gramma Kalling.

We’re glad you were born! 





One thought on “Chicago with Gramma!

  1. What a wonderful day! So special to have a grandma who cultivates the cultural side of life! Blest little girls, all four of youse! : )

    Sent from my iPad

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