Irony in the Form of a Cat

Don’t let this cat’s cuteness fool you… 


Theo is anything but innocent.

He is known for chewing on ear molds.  You know, the kind that attach to hearing aids.  Expensive ones, too.

So the other night, while Theo napped on my lap, I took my hearing aid off and put it in my jeans pocket to keep it safe from the furry ear mold eater. (NOT that my ear mold is furry–though it is kinda brownish and waxy.  TMI, sorry.)

It was almost midnight and I’d fallen asleep on the couch.  Half-asleep, I got up off the couch and went to bed, forgetting all about my hearing aid–until the next morning when I did laundry.

(You can probably see where this is going, if you’ve read my previous post about laundry and my iPhone.)

Yes, I put a load of darks in the washing machine, including my jeans.

Then I went to retrieve my hearing aid from its usual spot–on top of my dresser.

Except it wasn’t there.

This is the part where I screamed.

And scared my poor girls.

(Annie would later tell me that she thought I had stepped in cat vomit.)

I made a mad dash for the washing machine, pulled my jeans out, and took out my now clean hearing aid.

Actions that were all too familiar and recent.

I took the hair dryer to the aid and then put it inside a bag of rice.

And considered bleaching my hair blonde.

Ironically, this all happened because I was trying to protect my ear mold from my cat. (Never mind that I should have remembered to check my pockets as my dear husband reminded me.)

Yet, this is what I discovered last night:

The bag of rice that was sitting on the kitchen counter (a forbidden area to my cats), no longer was.

It was on the floor.  

With a cat-chewed hole in it.

And with rice scattered around it.


Oh, the irony of it all.  

But this story has a happy, inexpensive ending.

This morning I took my hearing aid out of the rice bag to test it and found that it works.

It works!

Thank God!

Guess Theo gets to live out the rest of his days here with us after all…

Now I’m off to do some research on pet-resistant ear molds.

Or maybe on how to get your husband and kids to do the laundry.










One thought on “Irony in the Form of a Cat

  1. Holllleeeee….better start sending your laundry out! H..eek! Glad it is working! Bet u start checking pockets one of these days. Ha I’m guilty of that with kleenexes in pockets and sleeves..the loss is much less tho. Xoxo Long live the Cat!

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