Snow Day

When one lives in Michigan, unpredictable weather is a given.  

So, a snow day in mid-November doesn’t come as a surprise (some neighboring towns got almost a foot of snow!).

There’s something magical about the first snow–even if it’s really early in the year.  

Add kids to the mix, and you’ve really got something.





Meet Mr. Mini–the first Kalling snowman of the 2013-14 season:





“Mom, can we go sledding?!”  Sure, why not.  Way to be ambitious, girls. 





(Yes, we sled among trees.  We like to live dangerously.)





While the girls frolicked in the white stuff, I shoveled  raked our driveway.



The leaves look so pretty covered in snow, no?

(FYI: wet leaves are heavy.  Wet leaves covered with snow are even heavier.  Raking dry leaves burns on average about 300 calories an hour.  I figure with the kind of snow raking I did today, I can really up my chocolate intake.  Score.)  


After the driveway was (mostly) clear, the girls and I had a friendly fierce snow ball fight. (No tears were shed, which is an improvement from last season.)



(If you look closely, you can see Annie’s snowball above heading towards its victim.  Hence Annie’s retreat in the picture below.)




Proof that a Michigan fan still lives here, despite recent losses:




Our poor roses covered in snow:




Granted, the snow is pretty.  But not before Thanksgiving. 


So here’s my message to the Snow Fairy:




But please do come back again at Christmas time.

Thank you.





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