Halloween at Lane… and a trip down Memory Lane

Every year at Halloween, Mike’s company Lane Automotive sponsors a trick-or-treating event where little (and big) kids get to dress up and walk from department to department, gathering candy to store up for the winter (or for chocolate-hungry moms like me. Ahem.)


This year our girls went as a Precious Peacock and Cheetah Kitty:





Thought it would be fun to take a trip down Memory Lane (because who doesn’t like to see how their kids have grown–and how our hair has changed. Ahem.)




Our 2012 Winged Fairy and Lady Bug Girl 




Katie the Cowgirl and Annie the fairy, 2011





Cheetah Katie and Zebra Annie with their goatee Dad, 2010




(My mom made that zebra costume–isn’t it adorable?  It was also adorable when Katie wore it for her first trick-or-treat event (see pic below) and also when Annie wore it in our church’s Nativity Play–as a striped donkey.) 






4-year-old Princess Katie and almost 2-year-old Dalmation Pup Annie





Katie Kat and Anna Banana 🙂 






drum roll please….

Zebra Katie with her rockin’ curly-haired Daddy!





(Mike was inspired by young Katie’s curly hair so he grew his hair out.  Thankfully, the inspiration didn’t last past a year or two.) 




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