Feelin’ the love… or not.

A conversation that took place yesterday morning with my 6-year-old:


Annie:  You’re the sweetest mommy ever!

Me:  Aw, that’s sweet. It’s probably because of all the chocolate I eat. 

Annie:  (laughs) No, it’s because of your heart and your love. 


Awww!  I was definitely feelin’ the love then!


But later in the day–not so much…


Annie:  Can we watch TV?

Me: (jokingly) No, TV’s bad for the eyes.

Annie:  YOU are bad for the eyes!

Me:  HEY! 

Annie: (laughs)


Then she adds in all seriousness…

“Do you know what’s bad for the eyes?  The devil.  

If you look at him, your eyes will blow up!  

So you better wear two pirate patches to cover up your eyes.”


I couldn’t make this stuff up even if I tried.

Love that girl!





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