It’s in the blood…

It’s a little known secret that Mike likes Corvettes.

Really, really likes ’em.

He even has a collection of Corvette models and Corvette picture frames in his man cave (which he shares with our girls, so it’s really a man/girl cave).

He had a ’73 vette before we got married, but later decided to sell it to help pay for our new roof. 

(Yep, that’s the kinda man he is–which is why I married him. That–and because he can make me laugh

I told him then that he could have another vette when he turned 40. 

(It is SO true what they say about 40 seeming SO far away, but then it’s here before you know it.)

Well, Mike’s 40 happened almost four years ago.


Maybe when you’re 50, honey?

But for the past two years, he’d been searching for a Corvette to own.

And… the search is now over.





Mike ended up buying his dad’s sweet, silver ’80 Corvette.

It’s in the blood… and in the family.

The ’80 vette also happens to be the car that Mike picked me up in for our first date almost 17 years ago.

He pulled into our driveway and I remember looking out the window thinking, “Sweet!!”

I kissed my mom good-bye and off we went in the cool car.

Later, I would learn that my mom immediately called my dad, seeking to be consoled.

“Our baby just left on her date with Mike in a Corvette!”

My dad (who has also owned a Corvette) responded, “Really?”

“Yes,” my mom exclaimed, “Our baby!”

“What year was that Corvette?”

Ha! I love that story.

Needless to say, it’s pretty sweet that our “first date car” is now sitting in our garage.

What’s even sweeter is the happy man that owns it!





3 thoughts on “It’s in the blood…

  1. Love that story!!! My husband has had 23 corvettes…totally appreciate what you have written!!! Cheers to him…totally exciting!!!

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