Ice Cream Truck





Yesterday, Katie wanted to make something with wheels.

So she used Tinkertoys and made something that looks like a walker, complete with four blue wheels.

This morning, she declared it was an ice cream truck. (Hence her lil sis Annie pretending to lick an ice cream cone in the picture.)

Oooh!  I’ll take some Chocolate Moose Tracks, please! 

Speaking of ice cream trucks, my mom and I were outside one recent afternoon on our bench swing in the backyard.  She heard the ice cream truck go by and asked if that happened often.

I’d never seen (much less heard) one go by on our street in all the 13 years we’ve lived here.

“Good thing the girls are inside the house, so they won’t hear the ice cream truck!” I joked.

“Yeah,” agreed my mom.  

Then with her usual smirk, she added, “I saved a lot of money having two deaf daughters.”


LOVE my mom!




Moose tracks icecream was the flavor of the day


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