Hands Off Momma’s Chocolate!


It’s no secret that I love chocolate. 

Maybe a bit too much.

But at least it’s chocolate and not a drug, and it makes me happy.

And I’m a woman.  And a mom.

A mom who needs her chocolate.

Hence the following recent conversation:

Katie:  Hey! How come you hid these in the cabinet?! 

Annie:  Ooh! Can I have some?

Me:  No way!  That chocolate is for moms, not for kids.

Katie: Yeah right!

Annie: I want some!

Me:  Nope, sorry.  I need chocolate to be a mom.  If you eat my chocolate, then I can’t be a mom anymore.

Annie furrowed her eyebrows as big sis Katie replied, “Well, if that happens, then I hope that Daddy remembers how not to burn the eggs!”


As they say…. out of the mouths of babes!  

As long as it’s not my chocolate going into their mouths…

But alas, I’m a mom.

And moms are givers, whether they want to be or not.

So I shared the chocolate with them.

Just a little bit–enough to earn some mommy points.

(And I have other hiding places too).



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