Blonde Moment

I’ve always had brown hair.

Sometimes it’s a lighter or darker shade of brown.

But it’s always been a shade of brown.

Not blonde.

Until last night, for an hour or so, when my husband dubbed me a blonde.

Why, you may ask?

It’s his fault, just so you know.

Because I had to go outside to put the windows up in the van in case of rain overnight, since it was parked outside. (Not a fan of wet seats.)

The van being parked outside overnight instead of in our garage–also his fault.  Just so you know.  

So, I inserted the key in the ignition and turned it part way so the windows would go up. 

Then, out of habit, I locked the van from the inside, got out, and closed the door.  Walked into the house and reached to hang the keys up in their usual spot.  Except I didn’t have the keys in my hand.


Looked into the van, and sure enough, the keys were still in the ignition with the van partly started, battery life draining.  Nice. 

At least Mike had an extra automatic opener for the van.  So I asked him for his, and (after laughing at me), he retrieved his and went to work his magic.

Except the van wouldn’t unlock.



The van doesn’t allow one to unlock it while the key’s in the ignition.  

It also doesn’t allow one to lock it from the inside while the van’s running (which has been my saving grace more times than I care to admit) but apparently, if the key isn’t turned ALL the way and the van isn’t running, then one CAN lock the van from the inside but NOT from the outside.

Aren’t you glad to know this valuable tidbit?

I wish I did.

I do now, but that didn’t help last night.

So, I called AAA to see if they could come rescue us.  While waiting for the rep, the VRS interpreter was kind enough to share that she’s had to call AAA several times herself too.  (She did have blonde hair though.)  

A half hour later, someone came and had the van door unlocked within five minutes.


He wasn’t wearing a cape, but he was a superhero in my book.

So he left, and hubby and I walked back into the house.

Smiling, Mike turned to hug me and said, “I love you, my beautiful….”

My heart melted for just a second, as I thought how nice it was for Mike to comfort me in my embarrassing moment.

Then my heart stopped melting.

“…blonde!” Mike finished, laughing.

Ho ho ho.

This blonde moment wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t had to park my van outside of our garage because of some new toy that Mike has now, which is another story to come.

So that’s why it’s his fault.

Just so you know.


The end. 









One thought on “Blonde Moment

  1. Bum rap for blondes! If u’d buy our house there’d be room for ALL your cars! Just think about that!

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