Deaf Cowboys

There’s just something about cowboys.  

Make it Deaf Cowboys, and then you’ve really got something.

Mike has a brother from another mother, Cody Duncan, who is a real live, kickin’ Deaf Cowboy.  He’s ridden and wrangled with various beasts of the Wild Wild West.  Recently, he invited Mike along to help wrangle a wild cow at a rodeo.

Yes, a wild cow.

So Mike became one of a Trio of Deaf Cowboys.



(Mike, the ever loyal Michigan fan, Matthew, and Cody)


It was our first time as a family to attend a rodeo, so we were looking forward to the event. (Even though, secretly, I was nervous for my Deaf Cowboy husband. I also really didn’t want to end up a widow.)



(The girls with their Cowboy Daddy.  Note Annie’s apprehensive look about the prospect of her daddy wrangling a wild cow.  I understand completely, Annie.)


The rodeo was very entertaining, starting off with a prayer and an all-American salute on horses to cowboys and all things Western.




There were even clowns involved and several LOUD bangs from shot-guns.  When deaf people jump in reaction, you know it’s loud. 


Then it was time for the Wild Cow Ride event.  

Here’s what happens during a Wild Cow Ride:



(Anyone want to start planning a team for 2014?)


My cute cowgirls and I sat up in the bleachers, waiting in nervous anticipation.






We watched as the cowboys readied themselves at the gates.



(Note Mike standing in front of Gate 4.  His job was to hold the rope to steady the wild cow while Cody wrangled the cow and put the saddle on, and then Matthew would get on the cow and ride it into sunset.  Or something like that.)


The gates opened and the wild cows came out.  Not exactly bucking like wild horses, but still huge and beast-status worthy.






And he’s on the cow!! 

But not for long…

The saddle strap ended up breaking and Matthew wasn’t able to stay on the cow to make it to the finish line.

So the other team won.

But it was still fun, funny, and entertaining.  And my husband was still alive! 



(love the smile on Mike’s face!)


Well done, boys.  Well done.



The Deaf Cowboys became instantly famous.  People even requested to have their picture taken with them.





I was just glad to see my husband in one piece!






I tried to get a picture with my friend Dixie, the wife of Cowboy Cody–who’s not only good at riding but also at photo bombing.



Take Two (and a kiss).



Take Three.



(Isn’t Dixie a cute cowboy wife–and her name is fitting too!) 



Following the Wild Cow Ride were events like Calf Roping (which my girls and I didn’t enjoy watching–the poor calves!), Bareback Riding, and Barrel Racing.

“The dirt will fly!” Cody’s daughter Brynn warned my girls.



(Katie preparing for the flying dirt)



(Brynn, Katie, and Annie watching the Barrel Race)

The Barrel Racing was amazing to watch as the women raced their horses across the arena, around the barrels and back, all in less than 9 seconds!  They were too fast to even snap a picture.  My hat’s off to them!

As dusk approached, the rodeo arena bore resemblance to Friday Night Lights.

“It’s kind of like a football game,” Annie noted.  

To which horse-lover Katie declared, “Only much better!”  

(Apologies go out to my football-loving kin.)



Yep, it was a good time and a good night for all.  

And we end with this prayer found in the Rodeo program:






(And thanks again, God, for keeping the Deaf Cowboys safe!)



3 thoughts on “Deaf Cowboys

  1. Ha! So, that’s why you’re a vegetarian, sorta? Don’t want animals to suffer for your tummy? Great pics and looks like good time for all! Glad u had that experience. Memories forever!

    Sent from my iPad

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